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Stress Assessment at Wine- and Rockfestivals, Role of Blood Gases and Electrolytes.

Sascha Doder and K.H. Smolle

Wine festivals:

Magnesium loss as a consequence of chronic alcoholism has been described i.a. by .Elisaf et al. 1995 who even postulated a central role of magnesium in the homeostasis of other electrolytes in alcoholic patients. Altura et al. 1996, saw a biphasic effect during acute ethanol perfusion upon heart muscle, ascribing a beneficiary action to low doses of ethanol. On the other hand, interpretation of blood levels of total magnesium or its ionized and bound subfractions depends upon whether ist source is dietary or stress (ethanol?) induced (Porta et al. 1993). Therefore we measured blood gasses, electrolyte and lactate concentrations in correlation to the concomitant blood ethanol levels in attendees of a “ Kloecher - Traminer” wine festival.

32 male and female attendees were checked for blood ethanol concentration (BEC). Simultaneously, 300 µl of capillary blood were taken to determine lactate, pO2, O2sat, pCO2, CO2sat, pH and BE (AVL compact 2 blood gas analyzer) and ionized Mg, Ca and Na (AVL 988-4.) Regardless of their BEC the attendees were asked to carry on according to their pleasure and return after 30 minutes for a second check.

Group results:

Results and Discussion:

Wine uptake leads to dramatic fall in pH which increases again after about 0,5 permille of ethanol.

Other stress parameters like e.g. pO2 and lactate show a similar biphasic behaviour, so that “pseudonormal” values along with increasing intoxication could be seen.

Electrolyte loss in the ratio: Na:Ca:Mg = 1:2:4 occured only in appreciable amounts beyond the 1 permille limit.

Rock festivals:

42 attendees of a rock- and hip-hop festival were checked for electrolytes, blood gases and lactate, whether those alterations would correlate with Mg alterations. 60 minutes after the first check the probands were asked for a second check. Eventually it turned out, that the most severe stresses were neither emotional, nor ethanol related exertions, but heat stress. Most important results: A temperature drop about 8 p.m.(from320C to 180C) leads to a significant increase in BE values from -3,76 to -2,59 mmol/l (p<0,0001). This was accompanied by a significant fall in ionized Mg from 0,71 to 0,53 mmol/l (p<0,0001). Furthermore, not unlike our experiments with ethanol uptake, basal ionized Mg correlates negatively and highly significantly with DMg (r = -0,558) and positively with ionized Mg levels 60 min. later (r = 0,529), provoking inversion of Mg- dynamics. Ca in its turn is not influenced by temperature alterations and shows no correlations where Mg does. Again it could be shown, that measurement of ionized blood Mg along with blood gases and lactate during stress most definitely has its merits.

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